Proudly Serving the Twin Cities Metro
& Outlying Areas Since 2001

inspecting. discovering. informing.


SCHEDULING: Fast, easy, 7 days a week, INCLUDING EVENINGS!

INSPECTIONS: Thorough, highly detailed, well-documented & Certified by InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)

EXTRA TIME IS PATIENTLY TAKEN: To Answer Questions, Address Concerns & Explain Home Systems--Clients, especially first-time homebuyers, love, appreciate, & greatly benefit from this!

EXPERIENCED & ESTABLISHED: Serving The Twin Cities Metro & Outlying Areas Since 2001

REPORTING: Immediately Onsite & Easy-To-Read Digital Report and Photos

SERVICE: Professional, Reliable, Friendly Service Before, During & After Every Inspection

APPOINTMENT SETTING: We Do It For You! No Agents Required To Attend (See Below)

RATES: Highly Competitive, Major Credit Cards Accepted

IMPORTANT! POST-INSPECTION SUPPORT: Your Inspector is there for you and your agent after your inspection too! Oftentimes, clients and agents have questions once they get home or are trying to convey the findings to others. As your agent knows, having your inspector readily available after the inspection, and during the negotiations with the seller, is crucial to the process. You are not written off once the inspection itself is over. Your needs are taken seriously, personally, and in a timely matter until your process is complete!

Once we find an appointment that works for you, we are equipped to take it from there. We set up the inspection with the listing agent and/or seller to get direct permission to access the home. Agents are not needed to gain access. We have the ability to access electronic or combination lockboxes on our own.

On the day of your inspection
we bring the experience and the detailed thoroughness. You are encouraged to come for all or part of the inspection, if you are able.

Your Inspector provides you with
immediate reporting following your inspection, in person if you are there, or over the telephone if you are unable to attend, followed up by an emailed digital report (pdf), and access to your inspection photos via your own personal password-protected online photo album.


This is your window of opportunity to learn all you can about the home you are considering purchasing. Discovery Home Inspections takes each and every home inspection very seriously. We take pride in being your advocate in your homebuying experience. Our mission is for you to go forth with your eyes wide open.

Inspecting a home takes experience and a vast working knowledge of all the systems that make a house a home. Discovery Home Inspections is passionate about being meticulous, UPFRONT, and patient when reporting inspection findings.

New Frontiers

Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience. It may be your first home or your tenth. You may be moving to a new town, state, or country. Maybe you are downsizing or need more space. Whatever your scenario, Discovery Home Inspections will inspect the home you are considering purchasing with proficiency and thoroughness, answer your questions, explain the findings to you personally, and document those findings by way of our custom-designed easy-to-read digital report and photos.

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