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11 Main categories of inspection

Plus dozens of checkpoints

Roof Coverings*
Exterior* (siding, windows, doors, decks, sidewalks, patios, steps, chimneys)
Basement, Foundation*, Crawlspace*, Structure*
Attic*, Insulation*, Ventilation*
Heating, Central Air Conditioning
Interior Rooms

None of the following exclusions apply to complete Single Family Home Inspections.
* These are excluded categories for Condo and Town Home Interior-only Inspections: grounds, roof coverings and roof components, exterior, attic, attic insulation, attic ventilation, crawlspaces, exterior aspects of the foundation and structure, detached or shared garages, areas in common/shared with other tennants.

With Interior-only Inspections, the following categories will be inspected from the home's interior only:
windows, doors, fireplaces, the interior of attached private garages.

If you wish to have a complete Town Home inspection that does not exclude the items mentioned above, regular single family home prices would apply. However, areas in common/shared are still excluded. This option is not available for Condos.

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