Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi - How to Wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried - Gameranx (2024)

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Summon your own personal dragon pal in Gorod Krovi with another overly complicated series of esoteric challenges.

Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi - How to Wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried - Gameranx (1)

Burn your enemies with a crisp with this epic new Specialist Weapon hidden in Gorod Krovi, the Descent DLC Zombies map for Black Ops 3.

This Specialist tool is especially cool — it takes the form of a miniature dragon that rests on your wrist and comes with two amazing functions. First, you’ll get a mini-dragon flamethrower that blasts a short-range burst of deadly green flame. The second function sends the dragon into the sky, where it circles the player and attacks any zombies that get close. Consider this guy your own personal living drone.

Getting him won’t be easy. Follow the complete guide for details explanation or every step, then check out how to unlock another Easter egg on our Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi Secret Song Guide.

Gauntlet of Siegfried – Secret Weapon Guide

To get the Gauntlet of Siegfried Specialist Weapon, you’ll first need to complete these steps:

  1. Turn on Power
  2. Collect 3 Code Cylinders
  3. Insert 3 Code Cylinders into 3 Groph Modules
  4. Defend the Pods and Collect Dragon Network Pieces
  5. Complete the Dragon Network terminal
  6. Summon the Dragon
  7. Ride the Dragon to the Pack-A-Punch

That’s a lot of steps. Get all the details you’ll need to finish those objectives on our guide right here:Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi – How to Ride A Dragon| Zombies Guide

With all the prep work done, it’s time to start the hunt for the Dragon Egg. This begins at the Pack-A-Punch building.

Step #1: Get the Dragon Egg

To leave the Pack-A-Punch building, you’ll need to drop into an open chute in the lowest section of that structure. There’s a metal grate that leads into a sewer. Don’t go inside yet — instead, collect an explosive weapon. This includes the Ray Gun or other Pack-A-Punch’d weapons.

Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi - How to Wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried - Gameranx (2)

Look above the open metal chute to the broken wooden boards above. There’s a large green egg-shaped object resting precariously close to the edge. Shoot the boards beneath the object and the egg will roll down. When it stops, interact with the Egg to collect it.

Step #2: Dragon Strike Power-Up

Now you have a Dragon Egg! Well done. Now go upstairs in the Pack-A-Punch building. There’s a strange device containing a new weapon in the center. Hold the [Interact] button to unlock it. The shutters will open in the building, and a horde of zombies will attack.

Hold off the zombies and the Dragon Strike Controller will become available. Return to find the container device open. The Controller allows you to call-in and target Dragon fireballs from the sky. You’ll need it to get the Gauntlet!

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Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi - How to Wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried - Gameranx (3)

Return to the Dragon Command area. At the base of the steps to the large building, right next to the wooden sign pointing to the way to more areas, you’ll find a nest. It’s a bird-like nest, and it is very easy to overlook.

Interact with the nest to place the Dragon Egg. Once it is in place, target the Dragon Egg (in the nest) with your Dragon Strike Controller. This ‘heats’ the egg — you can also wait until a dragon arrives and breathes fire on the egg at random. Wait until the egg cools, then pick it up again to complete the next part of this challenge.

Step #3: Complete Challenges

Return to the spawn area. In one corner, there are four gravestones — these are your challenge board. They track your progress and provide special challenges for you to complete as you survive each round.

One of these challenges is ‘Get a Dragon Egg’ — it is on the left-most gravestone, on the lower (South) position. Now that you have an egg, the challenge on that particular marker will change. Go check it out to learn what challenges you must complete next.

Challenges include; killing napalm (burning) zombies, get penetrating multikills, and get melee kills. Complete three of these challenges from the challenge board.

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Step #4: Return to the Pack-A-Punch

Once all three challenges are complete, summon the dragon and ride back to the Pack-A-Punch building. Travel down into the underground laboratory, and look for the tube-like incubators in the center. There are four tubes, but only one isn’t cracked.

Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi - How to Wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried - Gameranx (4)

Interact with the pristine incubator to begin incubating your Dragon Egg. This initiates another Lockdown sequence — kill all the enemies nearby, transferring power to the egg / incubator. Once fully charged, you’ll see the egg has a new message. It must ‘be cooled’ before grabbing it again. Wait a full two more rounds, then return to the egg.

Step #5: Acquiring the Gauntlet of Siegfried

Now it’s time to get your Gauntlet. Grab the egg, return to the spawn area’s challenge board, and look at the challenge marker for ‘Incubate the Dragon Egg’ — it should now have a prompt to interact and collect your reward.

Hold down [Square / X] and your prized Specialist Weapon will appear out of the grave. Enjoy the Gauntlet of Siegfried. How much do you bet you’ll need it for something else down the line? Let’s just say the odds are stacked in favor of that outcome.

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Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi - How to Wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried - Gameranx (2024)


How do you use the Gauntlet of Siegfried? ›

The Gauntlet of Siegfried allows the player to wield Dragon Whelp in a similar fashion to how a Falcon is used in Falconry. While the Whelp is perched on the Gauntlet, it can be commanded to breath fire in a similar fashion to a Flamethrower just with the fire being tinged green.

Is gorod krovi possible solo? ›

Love and War is the main Easter Egg of the Zombies map Gorod Krovi that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It requires the player to "free" the original Nikolai Belinski. Much like the Origins, Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou No Shima Easter Eggs, it is possible to complete this Easter Egg in solo.

How to bathe Dragon Egg in fire? ›

Set the Dragon Egg down in a Nest, such as in front of the Dragon Command building looking back towards the Operations Bunker. It must now be set on fire by a Dragon, which will automatically occur every couple of minutes to light the area where the player is currently standing, if it is exposed to the open sky.

How do you unlock the demon gauntlet? ›

Here's how to free The Demon Guardian from the basem*nt and unlock the Demon Gauntlet. - Go to the Vault of Secrets, located in the upper right corner of the directive menu. Note: You need to open 50 normal chests to unlock this chest. Keys can be obtaining by playing levels.

How do you forge the Infinity sword? ›

If the player has the Galaxy Sword, Galaxy Dagger, or Galaxy Hammer, they can turn these weapons into Infinity Weapons at the Volcano Forge. This process requires three Galaxy Souls, each of which calls for 20 Cinder Shards in order to forge into a weapon.

Can you break the dragon egg with a torch? ›

The dragon egg is a gravity-affected block, and drops as an item when pushed by a piston or when it falls onto a block less than a full block tall, such as a torch or a bottom slab. When destroyed by an explosion, the block always drops as an item.

Can you hatch a dragon egg? ›

Unfortunately, adding the dragon egg to your inventory and trying to hatch it in the overworld isn't possible in the base game, and you'll need to install a mod to add that ability to Minecraft. In other words, dragon eggs can only be hatched if you're playing a modded game.

How many zombies does each dragon need? ›

After being activated, each dragon will have to eat approximately seven zombies. They eat the zombies one at a time, and the animation of eating a zombie has to finish before they will eat another.

How do VI's gauntlets work? ›

Massive gauntlets also increase the inertia of her fists. When blocking, this means Vi's fists are moved around less by incoming attacks. While attacking, the inertia of Vander's gauntlets make Vi's punches harder to block for the same reason.

How do you activate gauntlet of strength? ›

How to access Gauntlets. Gauntlets of Strength are added to the Free Update, Patch 1.05. To access this, you must complete the main story line by defeating Isshin, The Sword Saint or Isshin Ashina Then interact with a Sculptor's Idol, and select "Gauntlets of Strength".

How do you use the gauntlet in Lords of the Fallen? ›

Go to your inventory and select the icon for the gauntlet (which I believe is right below the shield). Equip the style you want (projectile, blast, explosion). When you are out of the inventory screen, you hit the "Y" button to equip it. It switches the gauntlet with your shield.


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