Gorod Krovi | EE-Guide | ENG (2024)

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Difficulty: Medium

Time: approx. 120 Minutes

Gorod Krovi | EE-Guide | ENG (1)

Easter Egg Part 1: PACK-A-PUNCH

Preparation – Unlocking the Pack-a-Punch

Like in every maps, you have to do a little mission to reach and unlock the mighty PaP.

First step:

To begin with, you have to turn on the power. The switch is located in the dragon control room. It will also activate S.O.P.H.I.A, Dr.Maxxis AI.

You don’t need it for the PaP, but be sure to use the green button in front of S.O.P.H.I.A, if you want to do the EE at least.

Second step:

At this moment, you can drop code cylinders on zombies, just like the seeds on ZNS, or fuses on DE. The cylinders have colors, Blue, Yellow or Red, and they are linked with three machines, that can decrypt them.

Here are the machines:
-> The machine decrypting the Blue cylinders is located in the Dragon Control room.

-> The machine decrypting the Yellow cylinders is located in the Supply Depot.

-> The machine decrypting the Red cylinders is located in the Tank Factory.

Once you placed the cylinder code in a machine, it will launch a Groph Pod somewhere on the map, you can find it by looking at the green ray of light in the sky, similarly to the blue ray of light for the mystery box.

When you reached the Groph pod, you have to kill around a twenty zombies. After doing so, the pod will open up, and you will be able to pick up the Network circuit.

Third step:

Place all of your network circuit in the bunker’s underground.

From now on, you can call a Dragon with the three dragon control networks. They are located near the decrypting machines.

Just pay 500 points to call the Dragon, get on board, and after a cinematic you will be in the Pack-a-Punch area. If you want to leave, just go downstairs and jump into the sewers.


The specialist weapon that you can obtain in Gorod Krovi is called the Siegfried Gauntlet. It is a dragon that stands on your arm and can be used as a Flame-Thrower.

You can also send the dragon in a direction, he will attack zombies. While the dragon is away, you can melee punch with your gauntlet.

To obtain the gauntlet, you must complete a few challenges that are common for all players in the game.
You can check them by looking at your dedicated tomb near the spawning area. Here are the steps:

First challenge: Get the Dragon egg

Head to the Pack-a-Punch area, near the Sewers exit. Look upwards, you should be seeing a big green egg. Just shoot it down, wait a couple of seconds and grab it.

Second challenge: Warm up the egg

You have to place your egg on one of the nest on the map and warm it up, either by waiting a dragon to lit the area on fire, or throwing a Dragon strike controller on it.

The nests are located near the infirmary, the armory, in front of the power building, and near the tombs in the spawn.

Once the egg has been warmed up, you must wait it to cool down and then, pick it up.

Just complete a full round while being away from the egg’s location. If you stay around here, the dragon might come and fire up the place again.

Third challenge: Kill napalm zombies

Head to an area where a dragon can fire up the ground and kill around 15 burning zombies.
When you have completed it, nothing will play or show up. By pressing Tab, you should be seeing the egg in the bottom right, the circle around it should have increased.


Dragon strike controller:

First of all, make sure you are well equipped. A ray gun mark 3 will be usefull.

Head to the pack-a-punch area, there is a console up the stairs, each player in the game must interact with the console within 10 seconds.

Doing so will release 4 rounds of zombies, manglers and valkyries and you will be stuck in the house. In the three first rounds only one window at a time will open but in the last round, the ennemies will come from all side.

If you have the mark 3 ray gun, just head upstairs and camp in the corner, or near the gobblegum machine. You will have a very easy time.

After successfully resisting the waves, head back to the console and simply pick up the dragon strike controller.

It is similar to the napalm strike in origins, it will basically call an air strike, attracting all zombies to the target location.

Upgrade the dragon strike:

The upgraded dragon strike will deal more damages and you will be able to store 2 charges instead of only one. However, you will regain only one charge with Max ammo, or beginning a new round.

To begin with, you must do 40 kills with the dragon strike. Upon completion, a loud dragon roar will be heard.

Then, you must hit a certain number of flags with the dragon strike, depending on how much players are in the game. 1 flag in solo, 2 flags for 2 players, etc ..

The flags are located outside the map:

– In the spawn near Quick-Revive

– In the tank factory

– In the dragon command

– In the supply depot

Once done, head back to the Pack-a-Punch area and use the console again. It will start a lockdown sequence again.

The important thing is thatyou have to use your dragon strike controller each wave,or you’ll have to restart the procedure again.

Finally, just pick up your upgraded dragon strike controller.

Easter Egg Part 5: MAIN EASTER EGG PART 1

Required stuff:

  • Power activated
  • S.O.P.H.I.A activated
  • Siegfried’s gauntlet
  • Dragon strike controller

Usefull stuff:

  • Upgraded dragon strike controller
  • Fafnir shield / Tiamat’s maw
  • Pack-a-punched NX Shadow Claw (It has the same particularity as the balistic knife on Black Ops. Your shots will instantly revive fallen friends)
  • Aftter-Taste, Phoenix Up, Danger closest, Perkaholic, etc …

In this Easter egg, the crew has to kill Nikolaï 1.0, but he is stuck in his Robot that has no power anymore.

The first step, and the Second / Third / Fourth step are independant. You can either do the first or the second, third and then fourth in the beginning.

First step:

In this step, you must collect 6 trophies around the map.

– There is one trophy in the hand of the character of the right, in the sculpture on the building in front of the power, at Dragon command. It will then fall and you can pick it up.

– To get the second one, you must go to the PaP and go into the sewers. You will see a red glowing light on top of the tunnel while you are ejected, shoot it. The trophy should be accessible in the toilets back to the Pack-a-Punch building.

– Head to the Operation bunker (Underground between infirmary and armory) and smash the safe (near the fafnir shield’s bench) with the gauntlet of siegfried. Then, just pick the trophy up.

– Outside the supply depot, there is a hole with water. Use a dragon strike controller on it and just pick the trophy up.

– Activate the giant robot’s laser in the supply depot. The trophy will be in a hole where the laser shot.

– Shoot with the fafnir shield in the pipe on the wall, near Double-Tap, in the Tank Factory.

Second step:

(As there is a timer, you should read part three before doing the part two)

In this step, you must activate a generator that stands in the Pack-a-Punch area, near the egg incubator.

To do so, you must destroy a Valkyrie drone close to the generator, or lure it into shooting it. Then, just interact with the generator, a flow of air should be seen.

/! From now on, the generator will be activated for 5 minutes, you can reactivate it by just pressing the action button on it, but only one time per round. /!

Third step:

This step seems to be complex, but once you understood what to do, it should be fine. There are 6 valves in the map, they’ve got a display with an arrow where you can select 1,2 or 3. The valves also got a light that can be blue, green or white.

The valves are located:

  • In the Dragon command building, upstairs and then at your right.
  • In the Armory, besides the 500 points bridge, a shield’s part, and a “Armory” sign.
  • In the Supply Depot, next to a mystery box spot, under the stairs.
  • In the Infirmary, besides beds while descending the building.
  • In the Tank Factory, facing some metal stairways.
  • In the Departement Store, in the top floor.

Examine the valves, inside one of them, you should see a code cylinder stuck.

On another valve, there will be a green light, this is the end of the circuit.

The other valves should be lighted white (meaning they are not receiving air) or blue (meaning they do receive air from another valve)

The goal is to connect all the valves, green light being your starting point and the cylinder your finish line.
To know which valves to put on which number there are two ways. The real way is to understand what how valves affect eachother and to try out a lot.

Gorod Krovi | EE-Guide | ENG (2)

This will make your brain release steam, so the community made algorithms to quickly find out what is the correct path.
You can use this wonderful websitehttp://www.kronorium.com/tools/airvalves/made by the Zombie community and MrRoflWaffles (Make sure to check his channel, he’s doing a great job)

Then, just point out the numbers on the valves that the website told you. Finally, just pick up the cylinder code in the last valve.

Fourth step:

Now that you’ve got the cylinder code, place it on S.O.P.H.I.A. There will be 6 small cylinders on the left of the machine, with letters on them. Each time you shoot on a cylinder, it turn and shows another letter.

You must enter the password ” K R O N O S “. Once done, interact with S.O.P.H.I.A.

Fifth step:

As a first move, you must place the 6 trophies from step 1, on the desk, under the green screen, in front of S.O.P.H.I.A.

Now, by using the command console (where you placed the trophies),a random challengewill begin, you’ll have a timer and zombies will re-spawn endlessly, so be sure to read the challenges first.

For example, one ( or 2 ) players could be assigned to stay in a corner of the map without killing any incoming zombies. The two other players doing the step will be kill their incoming zombies so eventually, there will be a lower pressure on them.

Undead Man Walking, Crawl Space or Plain Sight gobblegums should be usefull.

Easter Egg Part 5: MAIN EASTER EGG PART 2

1.Bomb Defusing:

In this challenge you have to defuse 6 bombs by simply interacting with them within 2 minutes. (3 in solo)

The bombs are located:

  • In the Department store (Juggernog’s building), under the stairs.
  • Between the Infirmary and the Operation bunker, on a pillar.
  • In the Dragon Control room, on the upper floor.
  • In the Supply Depot, next to a map of the city.
  • In the Tank Factory, near a Wunderfizz spot and a Gobblegum machine.
  • In the Armory, on the wall, next to the Wunderfizz spot downstairs.

To know, in what order you have to defuse the bombs, look at the control screen above the trophies The areas will flash very rapidly, then once more a little bit slower. You won’t have another chance to get the order. Either write it down with shortened names (Dpt for Department store for instance), or separate the task between players. One could remember the three first spots then run away to the first bomb and let a friend memorize the three others.

If done correctly, a voice should say something like Auto-Destruction protocole, disabled. If you defused the wrong bomb, you’ll figure it out soon enough. BOOOooooom

2.Yellow orb:

A yellow orb will be wandering across the map, it is the soul of Gersh, the russian scientist from Ascension. You have to shoot the orb with a Pack-a-Punched weapon until he stops to speak a few words. He will then move again and you will have to shoot him again. Do this action until he moves all the way to the Dragon Command, then just get close to him. White flash will temporary clear the map from zombies and Gersh will be trapped.

3.Friendly Mangler:

Look at the command screen, an area will be high-lighted. Head there. A friendly Mangler, will be there, with green eyes and ignoring all players but one. This one must lure him to the Dragon Command room, in the corner on the right of the trophies. You can speed up the procedure, by getting rid of his arm, but be careful not to kill him in the process.

4.Friendly Valkyrie drone:

Just like the Mangler step, you must escort a Valkyrie drone to Dragon Command. In order to make the drone move forward, at least one player must be around it.

5. Groph pod:

A groph pod will land in one of the three area where you can ride a Dragon. It will be outside of the map but you can spot it by looking at the green ray in the sky.

Protect it until it opens, and send your Siegfried Gauntlet’s dragon pick the part up.

Then, just give it back to S.O.P.H.I.A.

Sixth step:

This will always be the final challenge. Head back to the trophies control screen and pick up the card in front of it.

Go to the Pack a Punch area and place the card in the Red computer.

By doing so, the lockdown will begin and manglers will spawn. You will have to resist until the download is complete (Around 2 minutes), then you’ll be able to pick the card back up.

Seventh step :

Go back to S.O.P.H.I.A and give her the card. Following short exchange, she will give you the so desired power core.

Now head back to Belinksi square (spawn area) and send your siegfried gauntlet’s baby-dragon to Nikolaï 1.0 who is stuck in his mecha in the neighborhood.

Eight step :

/! This is the final step, the boss fight. You should highly consider equipping yourself with guns, ammos, gobblegums, fresh shields, etc … as there is no turning back before the end of the quest. /!

My advise :is to have at least one pack-a-punched NX Shadowclaw, as it instantly revive players hit.

From now on S.O.P.H.I.A should have flown away.

In order to begin the fight, all players must stand on top of the grid S.O.P.H.I.A was sitting on.

It will open and the characters will be propulsed from the sewers to a new part of the map where the fight will occur. To start things up there is a button in the middle of the place.

The fight is separated in two phases.

  • Firstly you are sidedwithNikolaï 1.0 to fight a Dragon.Infinite zombies will spawn and the dragon shall purge the area with fire. Survive until Nikolaï 1.0 decides to shoot at the dragon with his Mech., revealing one of his weak spot. The wound on the dragon will glow orange, just shoot everything you can on it.Make sure to abuse the Ray gun mark III because it deals MASSIVEdamage on the boss. Use the GKZ-45 combo only to keep the horde away from you.

    The spots will be on his wing, his belly and his neck.

Even when the dragon burn the whole place in fire, the borders are free from the fire. You might want to hide in those locations, as you can shoot the dragon, even if the arena burns.

You’ll eventually end up slaying the beast.

Easter Egg Part 6: MAIN EASTER EGG PART 3

Then, after a cutscene, you will have to defeat Nikolaï 1.0 in his mech.

He will attack players with his machine guns, electric harpoon and by launching RAPS.

To injure him, you must shoot on the glowing yellow lights on the robot, the last one standing beneath the pilot seat.

/! Be hardly careful about his chain gun, it would DESTROY you in seconds /![/color]

Again: If you got the Gkz 45 Mk3, use the Ray gun Mk3, it is VERY effective on the boss. The first wound of the dragon required 2-3 clips of my PaP-ed PPSH, while only 3-4 shots of the Mk3 were enough. lol

Once the fight is over, enjoy the cutscene, achievement and Dr.Monty speech ! Congratulations !

Mechanized Mourning, done.



Text was taken from FreeMetal on Steamcommunity.com


Easter Egg Teil 9: Dekontamination

In der Krankenstation schießt ihr nun mit der T.O.T. Maschine auf dieschwebenden Zylinder. Jeder Zylinder muss von einer anderen Upgrade-Variante abgeschossen werden. Danach sprecht mit dem Geist auf der obersten Etage der Krankenstation (Äther-Dimension!).

Der Geist zeigt euch Soldaten, die denÄther-Schraubenschlüsselgeklaut haben. Schaut euch an, wo sie ihn fallen lassen haben. Sammelt ihn in der normalen Welt auf. Lauft danach zum Panzer am Teich.

Repariert die kaputten Stellen des Panzers und tötet die Zombies, die aus der Luke kommen. Craftet danach eine Semtex und werft sie in die Luke. Der Panzer schießt nun auf einen Baum und beschwört so dasDekontaminationsmittel.

Steckt das Dekontaminationsmittel in den Glasbehälter an der Wand in der Krankenstation. Wartet, bis einradioaktiver Bossspawnt. Schießt auf ihn, bis er sich zweiteilt und lockt ihn dann unter den Zylinder. Aktiviert den Zylinder am Computer-Terminal.

Danach geht ihr in der Äther-Dimension zum Hauptgebäude und redet dort mitdem Geist.

Easter Egg Teil 10: Der Endkampf

Hebt dasFoto von Orlovauf und ihr werdet in den Partikelbeschleuniger-Raum teleportiert. Verteidigt Orlov drei Wellen lang vor Zombie-Angriffen Sobald er fertig ist, flieht ihr per Exfiltration von der Map.

Beeilt euch aber, da ihr nur90 Sekunden Zeithabt. Mit der Flucht habt ihr die Easter Eggs-Jagd gemeistert. Als Belohnung gibt es eine geheime Sequenz!

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Gorod Krovi | EE-Guide | ENG (2024)


Can you beat Gorod Krovi solo? ›

Love and War is the main Easter Egg of the Zombies map Gorod Krovi that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It requires the player to "free" the original Nikolai Belinski. Much like the Origins, Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou No Shima Easter Eggs, it is possible to complete this Easter Egg in solo.

How do you get electrified zombies in Gorod? ›

In Gorod Krovi, they can be created when zapped by a Valkyrie Drone, and a special version of the Electrified Zombie appears in starting with the second Valkyrie Drone round. The electrification of these zombies cause their eyes to become blue and electricity is visibly flowing through them.

How to get dragon strike Gorod Krovi? ›

Obtaining the Dragon Strike

In order to obtain the Dragon Strike, the player must go to the Hatchery. Once there, the player must activate a lockdown event via interacting with the crystal on the top floor. In co-op, all players must interact with the crystal to start the lockdown.

What is the hatchery in Gorod Krovi? ›

Within Gorod Krovi, the Hatchery location houses the Dragon Strike Controller. To "Release the crystal" requires all players within the match to be within the Hatchery, which will cause the Hatchery to go into Lockdown to which a wave of zombies alongside Russian Mangler Soldiers from one of the three sides.

Can you beat Palace of the Dead solo? ›

As of 6.58 every job has cleared Palace of the Dead solo. However, some jobs are much easier or harder to achieve this feat with.

Can you beat the call of the dead Easter egg solo? ›

This version of the easter egg can be completed solo, whereas the easter egg Ensemble Cast cannot be completed solo.

Can you solo the Revelations Easter egg? ›

The person who has done all of them should know what they're doing if you don't. So you don't actually have to do all of the easter eggs to get the RK5 start. But if you want to do it yourself, you'll need a team of 4 for Shadows of Evil at a minimum. The other ones including Revelations can be done solo.


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